Friends Committee

The Friends Committee serves as the central organizing and funding entity that enables the National Fund to support a wide range of educational outreach activities at the United States Botanic Garden. The Friends Committee develops outreach initiatives to engage new members while helping to educate the public on the value of the USBG as an environmental steward. The Friends Committee also takes a lead in coordinating special member events at the USBG for the National Garden.

Please visit the Events pages for upcoming receptions.


Gail Jacobs


Karen Anillo

Cheryl Lynn Boland 

Susan Benninghoff

Robyn Brown

Sally Chapoton

Jennifer Coulter

Lisa Nye Dawson

Jason Gedeik

Linda Hales

Harriet Hentges

John Hyman

Anneliese Infeld

Beth Jewett

Martha Kessler

Carol Laxalt

Litsa Mikhalevsky

Pamela Murphy

KK Ottesen 

Rebecca Rhames

Sarah Salomon

Kathryn Stewart



Jennifer Katz